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Jenn's Biography

Nick's Biography


How we met:

Nick and I met September 5th, only a couple of months after I had moved to New York. It was a Friday night that I had originally planned on being low-key, but my friend and former VS co-worker, Brea, invited me to a dinner with her friends. I asked her who would be coming along and she mentioned that it would be a big group, but then big group changed into her, her boyfriend Joe, and Joe’s friend, Nick. “It’s not a set-up, I promise,” she told me. Surrrrre. But having just moved to the city, I didn’t want to neglect any opportunities to meet new people, so I agreed to meet them at a restaurant in the Lower East Side, called Allen & Delancy.

Nick adds: It was a total setup. Joe - “I don’t want to look at your ugly face all night”. Brea’s going to bring a friend.” I even got the pre-dinner facebook tour. Brea – “She’s really nice, she’s from the Midwest”. A beautiful and nice girl, needless to say I was excited for dinner….

My first impression of Nick was that he was extremely easy-going and had such a laidback nature. He asked me questions that made me feel like he was genuinely interested in getting to know me rather than the typical, stale getting-to-know you banter. The qualities about him that I most love are his inability to be in a bad mood (ever! It puts me to shame), his goofy side, his determination & work ethic, and his loyalty & commitment to me and our relationship.

Nick adds: Love at the very first night pretty much sums it up. I had never in my life met such a beautiful, smart, interesting and engaging person. Plus she is a smartass.

How he proposed:

Nick and I went to New Zealand in March to visit his family and for me to get to see his country. On the 2nd day of our trip when we were in Auckland, Nick offered to take me to a park reserve outside of the city. It was a beautiful, secluded beach and Nick had planned a picnic.

Nick adds: When you know you know. I could never imagine doing it anywhere else. If only she hadn’t looked at the ring at LAX while I was in the bathroom. But, then she wouldn’t be the Jenn Nelson I know and love…..